Sister companies 

C60 Energy is part of a growing number of companies owned and operated by Glenn Streeter, a Boulder, CO based Energy Medicine Practitioner with decades of experience in the health and wellness industry. Glenn is steeped in holistic healing practices, offering viable alternatives to the Western Medicine to people of varying ages and athletic abilities. 

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Energy MedFit

Research suggests the human body is largely voltage-regulated, not chemically regulated. Measuring these voltages can determine your present state of health, and provide clear direction for improving upon it. Manipulating the body's voltage can regenerate damaged tissue, internal organs, and vital life systems. 

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CannaCarbon synergistically combines the restorative agents found in hemp and C60 carbon into one holistic product. Convenient, effective, and safe, this breakthrough technology encapsulates the essence of each property into an easily assimilated liquid oil form that is beneficial to humans & animals.